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  • Sherman Awards

    The Charles R. Sherman Awards are given to recipients for meritorious service and mentoring throughout their years of dedication and service to ASBOG®’s Council of Examiners Workshops, Standing Committees, and/or Executive Committee.

    April 2017 Recipients-

    • to be announced at the Spring COE in Flagstaff, AZ

    November 2016 Recipient-

    • William "Sandy" Schenck

    November 2014 Recipients-

    • Robert A. Baird
    • R. Craig Kennedy
    • John D. Rockaway

    October 2013 Recipients-

    • Rick L. Ericksen
    • Benjamin S. Persons
    • Jack L. Warner

    November 2011 Recipients-

    • William G. Dixon, Jr.
    • Darrel W. Schmitz
    • Stephen P. Warner (Posthumous)

    April 2011 Recipients-

    • Thomas J. Crawford
    • Duane A. Eversoll
    • Christopher C. Mathewson
    • Norman K. "Ole" Olson
    • Robert E. Tepel
    • John W. Williams


    Last Updated:March 12, 2017