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  • Organization

    The Executive Committee is comprised of five elected Officers and an Executive Director. The proposed slate of officers is presented, voted upon, and confirmed at the annual meeting. The effective date of their office runs from January 1 to December 31, of the following year.

    The elected Officers are all licensed Professional Geologists (PG). They consist of government employees, academicians, and geologists practicing in the private sector.

    2017 Executive Committee Officers


    Dennis J. Anderson (NE)


    Erick Weiland (AZ)


    William Ernst (WA)


    Brenda S. Halminiak (WI)

    Immediate Past President

    Robert W. Henthorne (KS) "Bob"

    Executive Director

    Deana S. Sneyd
    P.O. Box 5219
    Douglasville, GA 30154
    V: (678) 713-1251
    Fax: (678) 839-4071


    Last Updated: July 20, 2017