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Computer Based Testing Information-

ASBOG® is currently converting paper and pencil examinations for the Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and Practice of Geology (PG) examinations to computer based testing (CBT). The inaugural CBT administration will be during the spring administration of 2023 (March). All paper and pencil examinations will be completed during the October 2022 administration and no hybrid examinations will be conducted (concurrent paper-based and CBT).

The Fundamentals and Practice of Geology examinations will be given over a one-day period, on the third Friday in March and the first Friday in October. A major advantage to switching to CBT, is that ASBOG® is allowing candidates to sign up for the FG and/or PG during two different testing windows. Both the FG and PG will be offered in the 8am to 12pm and the 12pm to 5pm time slots.


Furthermore, candidates taking the examinations will be able to take the CBT at any of 575 testing facilities throughout the contiguous US, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Link to testing centers

Last Updated: July 8, 2022