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Past Executive Commitees representing ASBOG®

The following persons have rendered their professional expertise to ensure that this organization provides the highest quality service from the geologic profession to ensure public protection. For their efforts ASBOG® is grateful.

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  • Erick Weiland (AZ), President
  • William Ernst (WA), President Elect
  • Brendia Halminiak (WI), Treasurer
  • Jason Patton (AR), Secretary
  • Dennis Anderson (NE), Immediate Past President


  • Dennis Anderson (NE), President
  • Erick Weiland (AZ), President Elect
  • William Ernst (WA), Treasurer
  • Brendia Halminiak, Secretary
  • Robert Henthorne (KS), Immediate Past President


  • Robert Henthorne (KS), President
  • Dennis Anderson (NE), President Elect
  • Erick Weiland (AZ), Treasurer
  • William Ernst (WA), Secretary
  • Randy Kath (GA), Immediate Past President


  • Randy Kath (GA), President
  • Robert Henthorne (KS), President Elect
  • Thomas Gillespie (PA), Treasurer
  • Dennis Anderson (NE), Secretary
  • William "Sandy" Schenck (DE), Immediate Past President


  • William "Sandy" Schenck (DE), President
  • Randy Kath (GA), President Elect
  • Robert Henthorne (KS), Treasurer
  • Thomas Gillespie (PA), Secretary
  • Barbara Cooper (AR), Immediate Past President


  • Barbara Cooper (AR), President
  • William "Sandy" Schenck (DE), President Elect
  • Randy Kath (GA), Treasurer
  • Robert Henthorne (KS), Secretary
  • R. Craig Kennedy (SC), Immediate Past President


  • R. Craig Kennedy (SC), President
  • Barbara Cooper (AR), President Elect
  • William "Sandy" Schenck (DE), Treasurer
  • Randy Kath (GA), Secretary
  • Richard Spruill (NC), Immediate Past President


  • Richard Spruill (NC), President
  • Jeffery Randall (WA), President Elect
  • R. Craig Kennedy (SC), Treasurer
  • Barbara Cooper (AR), Secretary
  • Michael Kunz (MAL), Immediate Past President


  • Michael Kunz (MAL), President
  • Richard Spruill (NC), President Elect
  • Jeffery Randall (WA), Treasurer
  • R. Craig Kennedy (SC), Secretary
  • Lisa Hosey (MO), Immediate Past President


  • Lisa Hosey (MO), President
  • Michael Kunz (MAL), President Elect
  • Richard Spruill (NC), Treasurer
  • Jeffery Randall (WA), Secretary
  • Wilson Herrod (WY), Immediate Past President


  • Wilson Herrod (WY), President
  • Lisa Hosey (MO), President Elect
  • Michael Kunz (MAL), Treasurer
  • Richard Spruill (NC), Secretary
  • William Dixon, Jr. (IL), Immediate Past President


  • William Dixon, Jr. (IL), President
  • Wilson Herrod (WY), President Elect
  • Lisa Hosey (MO), Treasurer
  • Michael Kunz (MAL), Secretary
  • Gabrielle Enos (FL), Immediate Past President


  • Gabrielle Enos (FL), President
  • William Dixon, Jr. (IL), President Elect
  • Wilson Herrod (WY), Treasurer
  • Lisa Hosey (MO), Secretary
  • Andrews Tolman (ME), Immediate Past President


  • Andrews Tolman (ME), President
  • Gabrielle Enos (FL), President Elect
  • William Dixon, Jr. (IL), Treasurer
  • Wilson Herrod (WY), Secretary
  • Duane Eversoll (NE), Immediate Past President


  • Duane Eversoll (NE), President
  • Andrews Tolman (ME), President Elect
  • Gabrielle Enos (FL), Treasurer
  • William Dixon, Jr. (IL), Secretary
  • Dorian Kuper (OR), Immediate Past President


  • Dorian Kuper (OR), President
  • Duane Eversoll (NE), President Elect
  • Andrews Tolman (ME), Treasurer
  • Gabrielle Enos (FL), Secretary
  • Darrell Schmitz (MS), Immediate Past President


  • Darrell Schmitz (MS), President
  • Dorian Kuper (OR), President Elect
  • Duane Eversoll (NE), Treasurer
  • Andrews Tolman (ME), Secretary
  • Frank Turek (AZ), Immediate Past President


  • Frank Turek (AZ), President
  • Darrell Schmitz (MS), President Elect
  • Dorian Kuper (OR), Treasurer
  • Duane Eversoll (NE), Secretary
  • John Philley (KY), Immediate Past President


  • John Philley (KY), President
  • Frank Turek (AZ), President Elect
  • Darrell Schmitz (MS), Treasurer
  • Dorian Kuper (OR), Secretary
  • Bekki White (AR), Immediate Past President


  • Bekki White (AR), President
  • John Philley (KY), President Elect
  • Frank Turek (AZ), Treasurer
  • Darrell Schmitz (MS), Secretary
  • Joan Underwood (WI), Immediate Past President


  • Joan Underwood (WI), President
  • Bekki White (AR), President Elect
  • John Philley (KY), Treasurer
  • Frank Turek (AZ), Secretary
  • John Williams (CA), Immediate Past President


  • John Williams (CA), President
  • Joan Underwood (WI), President Elect
  • Bekki White (AR), Treasurer
  • John Philley (KY), Secretary
  • Ralph Weeks (AZ), Immediate Past President


  • Ralph Weeks (AZ), President
  • John Williams (CA), President Elect
  • Stanley Bearden (GA), Treasurer
  • Joan Underwood (WI), Secretary
  • Ronald Baugh, Immediate Past President


  • Ronald Baugh, President
  • Ralph Weeks (AZ), President Elect
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer
  • Ray Brodersen (OR), Secretary
  • Suzette Kimball, Immediate Past President


  • Suzette Kimball, President
  • Ronald Baugh, President Elect
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer
  • Ray Brodersen (OR), Secretary
  • Thomas Crawford (GA), Immediate Past President


  • Thomas Crawford (GA), President
  • Suzette Kimball, President Elect
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer
  • Ray Brodersen (OR), Secretary
  • Don Williams, Immediate Past President


  • Don Williams, President
  • Thomas Crawford (GA), President Elect
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer
  • Suzette Kimball, Secretary
  • Charles Sherman, Immediate Past President


  • Charles Sherman, President
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer
  • Thomas Crawford (GA), Secretary
  • Charles Sherman, Immediate Past President


  • Charles Sherman, President
  • James Carew (SC), Treasurer


Last Updated: August 28, 2019