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Examination Score Request you may or may not know, many state Member Boards do not maintain numerical examination scores on file and release only "Pass/Fail" information to other state Member Boards when responding to cooperative licensure (reciprocity/comity) requests. To assist candidates in this area, ASBOG® reserves the right to release numerical scores to any of its state Member Boards when requested to do so by the candidate. Following this "Notice," please find the ASBOG® "Examination Score Request Form" that you can easily print out, complete and submit to the ASBOG® office along with the processing fee. Your request will be promptly processed and submitted to the state Member Board indicated on the form. Please understand that we do not release information directly to candidates.

We hope you find this helpful. We wish you every success in your professional endeavors!

Examination Score Request Form

Download the ASBOG® score request

Last Updated: January 26, 2019